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Air Queen nano Sanitary Pad.

The world’s first sanitary pad product with air permeability applied with new nano materials has been released. Lemon, a nano material-specialized company, held a press conference at a Seoul hotel on April 2 and released “Air Queen,” a sanitary pad that is applied with the new material “Nano Membrane.” 

Air Queen currently offers breathable organic sanitary pads, feminine cleansers and period panties. The pads use a specially engineered breathable film called the “nano membrane” that provides outstanding breathability and waterproofness. The nano membrane is a web structured layer where multiple levels of nanofibers are applied three-dimensionally ensuring liquid resistance and outstanding breathability. The nano membrane enhances the breathability of the pads by 20,000x and has 6x the moisture vapour transmission rate compared to conventional brands helping provide all day protection and minimizing odors.

air queen pad
  • Combining 100% organic cotton cover with 100% breathable fibers..

  • Top Sheet : 100% organic cottoon – Hypoallergenic, breathable and soft.

  • Side Panel : Added protection against the spread of fluids.

  • Absorbent-Sap Sheet : High-density absorbent, maximum security aginst leaks.

  • Nano-Membrane : Real breathability – Outstanding airflow.

airqueen nano sanitary pad

AIR QUEEN NANO SANITARY PAD SIZES.. The pad sizes currently offered include medium (with wings), large (with wings)overnight (with wings), and liners. Each pad is packaged in an easy to use resealable portable pack that fits perfectly in your purse.


  1. Prevents skin rashes and irritation.
  2. Reduces discomfort in travelling and at work.
  3. Reduces unwanted odour.
  4. Clean, Hygienic and easy to carry.
  5. Super Ultra Slim, Air Permeable & Portable.
  6. Cover layer using 100% organic cotton(OCS Certified).
  7. Soft and safe sanitary pad without any hazardous materials.

The world’s first nano-material sanitary pad ‘Air Queen,’ 

The world’s first nano-material sanitary pad ‘Air Queen,’ launched

The pads also use a 100% pure organic cotton cover for a soft fit and made without the use of any hazardous materials. The core provides reliable protection with a high-density absorbent with secured side panels to prevent period leaks.

Nano Membrane is a new material with high air gaps due to its thin fiber diameter. It has a network structure of three-dimensional piles of nano fibers, which are about one-five hundredth of a person’s hair in thickness. Not only is it very thin and light, but it also boasts high ventilation and water resistance.

Unlike regular sanitary pads, Air Queen offers more than 20,000 times air permeability and six times more humidity than conventional products, maintaining its freshness for a long time without smell, a company official explained.

It also applies 100 percent organic pure cotton cover to give it a comfortable fit without skin irritation. The ultra-slim design and five to seven small packing packs make it easier to carry and store.



Air Queen nano Sanitary pad

Sanitary Pads with 100% Certified Organic Cotton Cover and Absorbent Core for Night Use, Sanfe Organic Pads have the top sheet made of 100% Certified Organic Cotton which gives it a Breathable, Soft, Comfortable and non-irritant top layer. Moreover, the super absorbent core ensures that it remains extra dry & provide complete leakage protection, Sanfe Intimate Wash is sulphate and paraben free to make it safe for skin. .

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