AIRQUEEN KFAD ANTI DROPLET MASK FOR SUMMER With SMS light FILTER against summer heat and excellent physical properties as well as barrier qualities. Features include high tensile strength, softness, comfort, breath-ability and lightweight.. With Anti droplet It acts as liquid-repellent, and barrier against Viruses, bacteria, blood and other liquids as well as gas/steam perspiration. MADE FOR SUMMER HEAT

ADVANTAGES:Less heat to your face, less sticky to your mouth when you talk, easy to breath and talk, does not hurt the ears when you wear for long time or in active duty, feels good on your face with 3D structure. zero itches, zero smell and very cool to exercise with.

SMS FILTER is Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond, commonly known as SMS is a tri laminate non woven fabric. It is made up of a top layer of spunbond polypropylene, a middle layer of meltblown polypropylene and a bottom layer of spunbond polypropylene.

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