DR. PURI KF-AD HEALTH MASK WITH  95% PROTECTION WITH ANTI-DROPLET MATERIAL.   New Health Care Mask with three dimension and double structure fabric. Lightweight, more comfortable to breath, liquid resistant, prevents droplet infections with applied SMS filter fabric Bacteria and Virus Filtration Efficiency More Than 95%

To Prevent Droplet Infections SMS Fabric Application (Outer) is used. Made of two configured fabrics:- Spunbond + Meltblown + Spunbond to prevent droplet infections by preventing liquid penetration

Lightweight and Comfortable to breath, does not feel stuffy.

CE Certified
FDA Listed
Certified by the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety (KF94)
Premium quality 4 ply mask with Melt Blown filter
Made safely in production facilities, in South Korea, which has received a quasi-drug manufacturing license
Widely used by medical professionals in South Korea.
Popular among medical professionals in the US.

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